Sasha and Marina my wife and I knew for a long time, we can say the families were friends. Often visited each other's homes, sometimes drove them to the country, grilled kebabs, rested.

With my wife, we were the same age. Marina was older than we were five years old, and Sasha seven. But despite a difference in age we found a common language and were very friendly. As usual on the day of my wife Lena's birthday, we invited them to our home. No one else decided not to invite and celebrate in a small circle of friends.

As we have agreed to Sasha and Marina came to us in the evening. At first, everything was pretty boring, but when all pretty tipsy, Sasha offered to play cards on the strip. I began to support it, the more that I saw Marinka without trusiley Sasha and beheld my Lenka what mother-in-law gave birth, when we swam naked in the lake in the country. But women are somehow wrinkled, though.

Lenka asked to play in a bottle, while introduced a new rule that precipitated the pair to kiss, to drink brotherhood.

After half an hour of the game, we kissed and pretty cool podnabralis all together. Then there were wild dances, then vodka, then again dancing. Then, for no reason at all a question of family sexual activity especially with the intimate details, with Sasha as the most experienced in matters of family sexual activity (as the oldest and pulls the second marriage), most said, and suddenly began to tell, that in many countries have special clubs where couples come, find a mate and vary according to taste at the time of husbands and wives. He also said that it is fair to each other, it strengthens the family and stuff ... We all discussed this issue a long time, until Sasha offered to try to change ourselves with each other. I took it as a joke. Our wives began to giggle. Then Sasha very confidently said that with Lena he would sleep in a small room, and I was in the room with Marina. Then he stood up took Lena's hand and led. Lena went after him, still laughing. I still thought it was a joke.

I remember even said Marina, I love to get fucked by a dog, she replied that she loves whatever. We have something to talk about sex, laughing ...

Soon we heard the moans of my wife, and she was always moaning during sex. Still continuing to think the joke goes on, I came to the room and the open door saw Lena lying on his back across the bed, and Sasha fucks her so that the crack is. I went back to the marina, he said that he saw. Marina did not believe I ran to make sure and then returned. It seems to me that, in her eyes I saw fear.

What then happened at me, I do not remember in my head, but I do know that jealousy or anger, I did not. I sat down by Marinka and immediately began to touch her breasts. I saw that she was not pleased, but he continued. I unbuttoned her blouse, pulled her skirt and panties. Then began stroking crotch, tucked into the vagina with two fingers, just seeing how much wider hole Marina than Lena. This is understandable, because Marina had already given birth to two children, and we with Lena as it is not acquired.

Plenty nalapavshis I took off his pants and underwear. I stood like a sentry on duty. But once I started to insert as Marina rested and tears began to speak, he could not, that she never cheated on her husband, and so forth. I did not insist. He put on his pants and went to the balcony to smoke, and the room continued to be heard all the screams of my wife.

Sasha and Marina went on the next day early in the morning. Lenka slept for a long time, and when I got up to it was terrible to look ... at the thighs and boobs bruises, neck all in the aspirated, goes to raskaryaku. Then she told me that her Sasha per night stabbed eight times, and ass fucked. On the anus in her tears were even a doctor had to treat.

In our marriage, this case had no effect, but the friendship with Sasha and Marina came to an end, you can say. We began to avoid each other, and then completely stopped dating. I have one regret, it was not possible yet to fuck Marinka.

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My little sister

I want to tell you a story that happened to me seven years ago. It's all true. I was then 20 years old, and my sister Sveta - 16. We live in the same city, but separately: I am one, and it is with his parents.

Once, my sister called me in the evening and asked her to shelter for the night. She took tiff with her boyfriend, and she was alone - parents do not tell all. Of course, I agreed. An hour later came the Light, brought beer. She told me about their problems, "complain to the vest" (you it will not be interesting). I also told her that recently fell out with his girlfriend, and then we long bulling about that, about this, drinking beer, recalled childhood. It was 11 o'clock in the evening, when the sister said,

- Soon to bed, I'll go take a shower.

- Can I sit with you in the bathroom? - I asked her (and, mind you, without any ulterior motive).

- You can, - said Light. - I'll call you.

- Come on! - She called a few minutes later.

I went to the bathroom. For tightly drawn opaque curtain rustled shower. I sat down on the ottoman, which stood in my bathroom, and we again began to talk about all sorts of things. I could not see what was happening behind the curtain, but it is me at the moment and totally not interested. We just talked, like brother and sister. Ten minutes later the noise stopped the soul, only water droplets falling from the body of light, occasionally knocking over the bath.

- Post a towel? - I asked my sister.

- Yes.

- On you go, - I put his hand behind the curtain with a towel. - I'll go have a smoke.

I sat in the kitchen and smoke when the Light, fresh smelling, flew out of the bathroom in my dressing gown:

- You do not mind?

- What kind of questions? Now I will go to the showers - I put out a cigarette.

- I, too, will sit with you, okay? - I asked the sister.

- Of course.

I went into the bathroom, undressed and climbed into the shower, zadernuv curtain. Good!

- Can? - Light asked for the door.

- Come on! - I shouted.

She went and sat on the same ottoman, and we began to talk again. I soaped myself, and suddenly felt the excitement because I was standing naked in the bathroom, and my sister just sits half a meter. We are separated only a thin opaque curtain. I must say that the last time I saw my naked sister (as she did) a decade ago. But it was a distant childhood. I suddenly longed to sister saw me naked. But how? Just push the curtain? Surely not understand. The desire to do it struggled with shame. And then I realized. After waiting for a pause in the conversation, I asked:

- - Svetik, rub me, please, back.

There was a pause. "Well, what am I an idiot, a spoiled evening." - I thought. Excitation immediately replaced by shame for his weakness. - "Now she says:" Are you quite sbrendil already "?". The pause seemed lingering on forever, although lasted two seconds. She broke her sister's voice:

- - Okay, come on. You turned your back, shameless?

- Now, - I replied. Shame instantly replaced by excitement, but my dick was in the usual "hanging" condition. "The main thing is not to hurry", - I thought, standing on all fours. She could not see the top of my penis, I was sure of it. And I squeezed his cock between her legs so that the egg was seen from behind. Surely their sister once saw. If it is to say something about this, it will be possible to portray the confusion. Man does not see the fact that he is back! - I'm ready.

There was a rustle pulls back curtain. Sister took the washcloth and began to lather her. She was standing behind me, but I was sure that she was looking at my ass, using the fact that I do not see it. She saw my ass, and eggs, but did not say anything! Light began to rub my back, starting from the top. Gradually she moved lower.

- What's your skinny ass - sister laughed and gently patted her. - It also rub?

I just turned my head and squinted. She stood slightly bent just in front of my ass, and I could have sworn that she was looking at my balls. Of course, I did not expect it from such a proposal, but immediately responded and fun:

- Come on!

Light began to rub my butt soft side of a sponge, sometimes touching her eggs. How is it exciting!

- Get up, you rub your breasts, - commanded sister.

"Well, I'm here so I will take and get up I can not stand naked in front of her and look her in the eyes must still hide behind?." - Thought feverishly ran through my head. I became embarrassed to rise, covering his left hand, his swollen member. Light soaped sponge and began to rub my chest, sinking lower and lower. Rubbing how to belly, her hand with a sponge, having moved to the side, I put her in my hand. Sister looked at me:

- Prevents me your hand.

I looked away. "Now or never!" - I thought, and took his hand slowly. Corner of my eye I saw a couple of seconds, sister stared at my cock. Then she broke the silence:

- In fact, you could just change the hand, but what really now ...

- I'm sorry - I choked.

- Come on, we're brother and sister - Light and smiled.

Sister doterla my side and threw the washcloth in the bath:

- Rinsed and come out. Time to sleep.

I have stood for in the shower, washing suds. Then he dried himself, put on his tracksuit and went out. The sister was already in the room.

- Where are you going to put me to sleep? - She asked, looking around the room.

- Come along, wide bed, - I replied.

- Come on, - easily agreed to my sister.

I quickly stripped to his shorts and dove under the covers, she turned to the wall, so as not to embarrass his sister. She switched off the light and after a few seconds, lay nearby. The bed was really wide. It could easily fit three. So we do not even touch each other. Few tossing, Light subsided. And to me, because he was lying next to a sister in his underwear again flooded excitement. And as if I pulled the damn language:

- Light, are you awake?

- No, what?

- I want to ask you ...

- About what?

I hesitated. Sister repeated impatiently:

- So what?

- I would like to ask you, you to me, stroked it.

"What did she answer?" - I thought hard. After a moment she said quietly:

- Good.

Light turned on a night light, pulled off my blanket. I closed my eyes. Sister hesitated for a moment and began to pull off my pants. I sat up, releasing them. Light sat on my legs astride, and her hand was laid on my cock. I gasped from surging excitement, so I had only the first sexual experience. Sister stroked my penis, rolled between the fingers of the eggs, and my penis quickly took a fighting stance. I reached out and put it to his sister on his chest, more precisely, on the bra, which it closed. However, immediately he pulled, like a scalded cat from a quiet but firm voice light:

- Arms.

However, she did not even stopped to fondle my penis. Pat it a little sister took him in hand and began to move it up and down, with the fingers of the other hand fingering my balls. I quickly reached the peak and groaned in pleasure rolls. Light earned his hand quickly, and the first jet of sperm plopped down on my chest.

- Do not stop, - I muttered, feeling the strongest orgasm.

Sister removed his hand only when the pump out of my penis all the sperm. Then she went to the kitchen for napkins, wiped the cum from my belly and chest, and gently asked:

- Did you like it?

I was terribly ashamed, and I, without opening his eyes, nodded.

- Well, that's good, - said the sister, and kissed me on the cheek. - And now to bed.

It's been 7 years since. We have a sister, an unspoken taboo on the incident. As if nothing had happened. I, sometimes, remembering.

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Natasha, dad and uncle Taras

Little girl Natasha was returning home from the store. Night was falling. In the sky were gathering dark clouds. Despite the fact that Natasha was only nine years old, she already considered herself old enough to walk to the next village to the grocery store. The path was coming not close, it was necessary to go on the plain of five kilometers, but Natasha was not really scared, because she was thinking about how after about twenty minutes, somewhere in the middle of the path, it will turn off the road. Delve into the nut, put aside his food bag and seat myself on the delicate, fresh green grass, a little wet from the dew, and will proceed to his favorite pastime. She represented, as the grass will tickle her sweet girlish hips, to which not even touched by the hand of men. Her vospaminaniya were still fresh yesterday she longingly recalled yesterday in this same forest she was alone with herself, she touched herself down there, that gave her an indescribable pleasure. She dealt with this not so long ago, just what a couple of months.

Then the neighbor girl Polina taught her that, as a pleasant experience.

And right now, it is in this hollow oak she was going to do this.

Looking around, she realized that no one is behind, and quietly turned into the woods. She sat down on the soft grass, unbuttoned her skirt, took off her panties and touched her treasured tubercle, as she showed Pauline. A wave of sweet delights are already beginning to flood her body, when she heard the crunching of dry twigs. Natasha softly pulled her skirt and panties, carefully stood up and tiptoed went into the forest. As the rhythmic sounds grew louder. Finally she reached the bushes, behind which could be heard the sounds, pushed the twig and nearly cried out in surprise. One uncle, another uncle bent, poking him in the ass something huge. Natasha, of course, heard about sex, the male member, how uncles aunties to do it. But it was two uncles. At Natasha immediately born a lot of questions: why this thing is so big? Why one another uncle climbed that thing in the back? Why is the gaffer, this huge body moves in one's ass, moaning so? And, in the end how, this thing slipped in the ass? When Natasha was thinking about it, she did not even notice her hand reached down, and began to caress the tuft.

Looking closely, she recognized one of the uncles of the local tractor Taras. He puffed on a second uncle. Suddenly Natasha saw something from which it surprisingly rose to heaven. Uncle, who bent over, leaning on a tree stump was her own father!

- Dad what are you doing with this uncle?

I asked Natasha. The men immediately tried in vain to hide their activity. Pause of silence lasted for about a minute, until an uncle.

Taras said, "Your father is a fungus found Natasha, I tried to help him pick it up, that's all."

- Why is your pisya was the pope of my father? - Persistently asked the girl.

- I'm just at this moment wanted popisyat and casually rested his recordkeeping, your dad in the ass.

The girl continued questioning: 'Why is my dad so long twitched and wriggled your pussy "- just that he could not get off it, and tried to break free - Taras said?..

- I do not believe you! - Said Natasha. You do sex with my dad, I heard that you have to push her pussy to our cave, but never heard about the fact that you can shove in the ass, let alone a boy.

Suddenly, the conversation took Dad: "Oh, Taras Taras - cunning pidaras, can not you see that my girl is very smart, she knows all Yes dear we uncles Taras really had sex, but you do not have this to tell anyone otherwise. us, uncle Taras laughed And if you tell anybody, we'll ride on the tractor you " '' no! '-.. arrogant daughter said" -I want to Taras uncle did to me the same thing. H-ee-ee-t - shouted the girl's father. Or I'll tell everyone in the village. Father after a few minutes, gave his consent.

The girl took off her cowards, and stood before the cancer uncle Taras previously leaning on a tree stump. Taras took his erection, and thought how he would shove a cock in a tiny, virgin ass. Taras spat on the anus of the girl and tried to enter the huge cock. Taras few minutes nothing came. He had already spent before all the saliva in the anus bestyzhie baby's father. But then suddenly came to the rescue of the girl's father, he is a member of Taras plunged into his mouth, thus abundantly brushing it. Then he began furiously licking the anus daughter. With one hand he jerked off his cock and the other a member of the other. Having greased anus daughter, he ordered the strongest voice of Taras: "Act!"

Taras slowly began to stick another daughter on his dick. The girl moaned and writhed, and when he regretted it, cock went to all lengths. "O-A-O-O-O-O-A." - I blurted out the girl. Suddenly a dull and sharp pain was replaced by a very pleasant and unfamiliar feeling. The action and rhythm of sex took the girl completely. She tried to sit deeper his booty on dick tractor, while his father was licking dirty ass on which the dried pieces of shit.

Then Taras groaned and filled ass girl with his sperm to failure. As soon as he pulled out his cock, the girl's father immediately it sucked. Girl Natasha was in the seventh heaven. After this dissolute trio yet time copulating.

Men newly engaged in anal sex. They did not touch the virgin pussy girl. The fate of only a short period of time will prevent the crack girly. Depraved trio continued their adventures until they noticed the collective farm chairman, but that's another story.

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Unpretentious meeting

night. City lights, blurred wet from rain the road. I was walking on the pavement ...

It was cold, the water of the river flowed off into the unknown. I stopped. I could not stop looking at this element. Just stood there, leaning against a fence on the bridge and looked at the water. It reflected the lights of the night the restaurant, I looked in his window. How many there were men and women, leading strange talk about anything. I saw you. You were so beautiful in their elegant business suit, like a business man, but relaxed, sitting in a chair ... a deep yearning for something. You were the one. I stood and looked into your eyes, you think about something, you were not here right now, you were somewhere else. I continued to admire your eyes, lips, as you ... smoking, blowing smoke rings small. Your hands shook off the ashes, so involuntarily, then reached for a glass of wine. You drank, set it in place, continuing to smoke, thinking about something. And I stood there and watched my hands felt chilly, I'm all chilled, but I remained in place.

Suddenly, you stood up, walked over to the wardrobe, put on his coat and headed for the exit. I got lost,

I do not know what to do to get your attention. I've been watching your every step, not looking ... You came. I...

My voice was shaking, but I, nevertheless, found the strength and called you. "Young man!". You turned ... not knowing what was happening ... a voice from the darkness, from the bridge, called you. You could not contain his curiosity, are you going to call this trembling slightly deep voice ... Before you, there was a girl in a long coat, high heels and it seemed that she was about to fall from exhaustion. Her face was so young, tender ... not beautiful, but inviting. You liked it. You could not take your eyes from her, from her whole. You approached. He hugged her waist, hugged her so tightly that he heard her breathing. She said, you kiss. And it seemed that you knew each other for ages. You have become so passionately kissing each other, you could not get enough of those kisses, they were so hot on this cool wind. You sat her down on the fence of the bridge, girl's coat flew open, exposing her legs. You've spent on them, up to the thighs and your hand rushed under her skirt. She rushed like mad, not looking not for a moment from this ass. How do you like her. You're all ready to, to kiss her, right here on the cold bridge. You pushed stockings, rushed thy hand under her panties. She said a deep groan, which incited you even more. You could not stop, you kissed her on the neck, lips, ears, could not enjoy its smell .... You strip off her skirt, your eyes open up her panties, fishnet shorts ... uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm, unable to resist, say you are. .. hands again brazenly climb in shorts, girl delivering such joy, they bring warmth in her body, despite the cold weather. Your finger is immersed in it .... touches the clitoris .... Uuuuuuuuuu .............

Lord, how it ........................................... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you excited, you can not wait to please her right here ... thumb slides across a rose, not missing a single centimeter, studying every little corner ... stroking a finger ... this girl looking into her eyes ... Your eyes were not clear, not like some, he fascinated me, I'm melting ...

My body is so relaxed on that I almost do not fall into the river, but you held me with his powerful arms. I clung to you so much that he could not stop his runaway breath, I gasped with fright. I was so scared by the fact that now, that's all over ... you hugged me tight, offered to drive up to the house, I agreed. At that point I was willing to do anything to be with you even an extra minute.

We're going in the car, just keep quiet, we do not know what to say to each other. We do not even know each other. I look at the wet road, the whole night city is reflected in it ... The radio sings Myelin Farmer ... "California" ......, I was so sad ... I did not want to lose you, did not want to leave ... no. No. No.!!! My thoughts were pulled out loud ... You look at me, do you understand what I was thinking ... We turned, went completely the wrong way, which was necessary to me ... but I'm happy ...))) . You braked sharply, we almost flew into a ditch ... cranked up to me, approached very close to most of my lips, kiss ........... ........... ......, more, more, more, and each time more and more becoming it, your hand reached under her blouse, bodice there was ... you touched the breasts, nipples were so tverdenkie excited ... you reached out to them with his lips, throwing me to the chair ... you kissed me all, my body was so excited that I asked you to get me .... I could no longer endure this torture. You obediently unbuttoned his trousers, let them down a little bit of me surged upward OH. I waited, my eyes pleading ... and now ... God, he in me ...

Uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm ................................................. ......................................

Dddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ................................................. ...............................

How cool ........... you slowly move inside me, tortured me ..., your movements become more and more often, you began to beat me with his big body, your testicles so spanked me ass as if to punish me for something ... I was shaking with delight ... you beat and beat me, growing stronger and stronger each time, and teaching the teaching the ...

Ddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaa .................

Dddddddddddaaaaaaaaa ..............

.............. So, come on, more, more, more, more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your jet hit me, you're a nice finishing his work ... and I .....................

I, too, was so good ............................, I was shaking .... batters in blissful agony ..... ..........

You fell on me ........... wrapped nose, your breathing was so frequent in my hair, you're breathing in my ear and this in my body ran goose. We fell asleep in each other's arms ...

And I woke up, you were alone in the car ... a girl was not ...

You felt so uncomfortable .... you might even cry, but ... you're just thinking about the night ......... on the past, rainy night, you could not believe that this is all was like that once ... right here ...... Now all this will remind you of it, the smell is still worth in the cabin ... Maybe you met her when - or whether and already will not let go, no way!

You're in love ....., you either thought or it was really true ..

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My name is Anna, I've always liked girls from the earliest age. As a child, I loved to look at my mother when she was taking a shower or bath, and sometimes she would take me with him and I izuchalaeё body. At older ages, I love to watch movies in lesbian love shown to the buyout, then I felt the sweet ache in my lower abdomen and my hand penetrating into bringing me great pleasure.

One day I was invited to his home to his girlfriend, I really liked her was a large, high breasts and a figure she was not bad. So she agreed and I thought schachtlivaya how spend this day. In the evening I decided to take a bath and asked her if she wanted to stay with me. She agreed. In the bathroom I began to undress leisurely, smoothly rastegnuvshi bra turned to her, that's when I saw the fervor with which she looks at me. Then yasprosila whether it nehochet bathe with me? My question she did not answer, she got up and began to undress, I quickly asked her to do it to me! I kissed her soft lips and my hands quickly released her breasts from her bra. then quietly opuskealas tongue all below, stopping your way to one of the nipples, I began to spend it on his tongue, making a circular motion. I felt the trembling and my girlfriend as become wet inside me. Then I kissed her back on the lips, and fell farther. Teeth I pulled her white panties and saw her pussy shaved bald, just like me.

At this time, the water in the bathroom was typed and we got into it. Seated her on the edge of the bathroom, I parted her thighs, his tongue, I began to lick her clit, sucking it, it all flowed. Wet your finger grease it, I began to drive them back and forth, while the other hand caressed her swollen gud. She succumbed forward, moaning softly. In time swinging her hips, I caressed her tongue, I examined them all her hiding places. Carefully second finger, I brought him into her anus and vagina first and batted them. Creek fun filled vvanuyu and we finished at the same time rapidly. then my girlfriend kissed me and began to fondle my breasts, tongue she spent between my breasts, two fingers, she caressed my clit which was for me, as a berry, then she start sasyvat on my chest, and everything quickly rubbing between her legs. I moaned and writhed under it, pressed it to her pussy and she began nibbling my clit. I could not restrain myself and bolshii cum into her mouth. After taking a rest and flushed, she asked me to show her how I masturbate, I agreed.

I took a shower, setting the desired stream sent to her pussy, slowly began to drive them on Sway excited pisechki, closed her eyes, moaning I zametilya as my girlfriend licks me my crotch, I was on the verge of extreme excitement, all my moisture she drank to the last drops. Zostaviv me come with great force .. .. Then eschy many times she came to me, and every time we come up with new ways' satisfaction.

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Sexy Natasha

Then I was 15 years old and I studied in grade 9. With me sat a girl named Natasha. She was very beautiful. She had a pretty face with a very exciting lips, perfect figure for its growth (it was low), she had a small but very beautiful breasts. She was walking or in a short skirt or stretch pants, as well as tight-fitting blouse burgundy. Well, in general, when I masturbated, often he represented her. She enjoyed the fact that she is sexy. For example, when something had to be, she pressed my legs to slightly move them. I was very excited. And so we washed the floor with her alone. It was late, there was no one in the class. Well, we washed the floor, it was like something fun. I accidentally hit on the ass. She got me back. Then we began to dabble. Then I pressed her against the wall. And we began to kiss. I closed the door.

We started kissing passionately tongues. Natasha put her hand on his pants. I began to stroke her ass (obtyag trousers !!). I felt her panties. I took off her blouse. And there is a black bodice that the breast is not completely closed. I began to caress his chest and then took the bodice. She said she's not ready for sex. Invited to make a blow to me and to her. She sat down, pulled out a member and began to suck. Artfully: sucking him swallowing. Shit: it was just super. Her lips licked my dick: three minutes later I had finished. So much sperm I still was not: she had her swallowing, licking my cock. That's how I lost my virginity. Then we domyli floor right in what were, dressed, kissed, and fled. Then we had no time fucked, but that some other time.

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Monkey tricks

Hello dear! I saw you on a dating site. I like you very much, your appearance made on me indelible impressions going. I am pleased with you seeking. If you adore kuniling, I am happy to meet with you in real life and you caress her soft tongue. Please do not be mad at me if you're not taking my lovely outlook on life and sex. Now about me: I'm 27, educated, interesting and pleasant to talk to. I would like to make friends, like-minded people with whom you can be honest and open. By nature I am an altruist, Bisexual, belong to the service of the orgasm, not his - female. The woman's body for me - it's like a flute of God. From early childhood, I grew up sexy boy fantasizing and spying, parents making love. Much discussed with the neighbor girl, and then repeated in my house all that I saw when I spied her parents.

Techniques of oral sex, I learned just at that age. Not a bad influence on me during puberty and had an aunt. She was alone. I often stayed in her village: walking together in the woods, pick berries and mushrooms, my aunt taught me to swim. But most of all I liked the bath. There, I told her of fun with the neighbor girl, and he was excited at the same time; a member, of course, get up. In general, she let me lick hairy vulva with labia majora. It is thus firmly held his head and taught how to do kunniling. You can believe me, now I'm in that much succeeded. A few years ago in a beauty salon, for the money, I clipped bridle language. And now I can introduce language into the vagina by 20 cm; as can deep "drilling" the anus. The duration of oral sex on a maximum of 2-5 hours.

Perhaps you might be interested in my ability in oral sex. Always glad to delight and mature woman, age does not matter. Good sex does not come by magic, all takes time, understanding and patience. When passion takes possession of me, I am not afraid and do not hesitate no eyes, no words, no action, surrendering to his feelings and desires best. As a person, I am by nature sociable, with sense of humor, I love the nature, the forest, the sea, I like to sunbathe naked. Range of interests: music, dancing, sports, theater, books, movies. There is a personal collection of amateur video. If you are interested in my letter to write to me I will be glad to see your pictures and hear the story about yourself.

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One summer my friend's parents both went on a business trip, and she invited me to spend the night with her. I agreed and came to her.

We sat down to dinner, she took a bottle of wine. After dinner, we sat down to watch TV, and she offered to play cards at will. I agreed. The first time I won. I have long thought that the wish and said:

- Undress and lick my pussy.

To my surprise, she quickly undressed, walked up to me, pulled off my panties and started kissing my pussy. In fact her tongue got inside me. I quickly finished. She licked me and we continued the game. Now I'm lost. She stood up and I saw in her eyes some spark.

- Listen to my desire. You'll be my slave until the morning. You'll do whatever I want. If you will not listen - I will be punished. Agree? Although the slaves did not ask permission. Now take off your clothes. Fast!

I started to undress, pondering said girlfriend. And she continued:

- Everything that happens here must remain between us. You understood?

- Yes - I said

- Now you will say, "Yes, Mistress." Understood?

- Yes, Madam, - I said, and was surprised his resignation.

And my Mistress ordered me to kneel down facing into the corner and wait for her. I began, as she went into another room. A few minutes later she came back and said:

- Crawl to me, shit!

I turned, saw her and stopped in surprise. She was wearing black shoes with high heels, black stockings on his belt, leather panties and bra. In her hand she held a whip. Next to it was a small bag.

- I said, "Come!" Are you deaf, bitch? - She cried.

- Where did you get that? - I asked in amazement.

- Shut up! Now you will speak only when I'm allowed! And that's all I found my parents in the bedroom. Here in a bag full of toys. You are their more experienced firsthand. And now me!

I crawled to her. She pulled out a necklace, some chains, bracelets, leash and a few obscure items. She told me to get up and start to dress me. First she put on the collar, then start putting the clamp on the nipple. I screamed.

- That bitch, that hurt? Now I stop up your mouth.

She pulled out a small strap, which was designated a short but fat dildo. It is a member of it shoved in my mouth and fastened the strap at the back. Now I mall only mumble. To speak with the thing in his mouth did not work. And Ms. put the second clamp on the nipple. This chain was one more clip, and she conceived them my lips. I moaned in pain.

- Stick it, bitch. This is only the beginning.

She put on her hands and feet bracelets, which were the rings. With these rings she hitched my hands to the collar. Finally, she put me in the ass something tail type, fastened the leash to the collar and led me to a mirror.

- Well, bitch, like you yourself?

And then I wondered, what I really like. I was excited this vulnerability. I nodded.

- Very well, - said my lady. - Now I'm slightly punish you. For prevention. And if you do not obey, then I will punish you for this. With these words, she ordered me to kneel down and put his head on the floor. I sang her the order. And it hit me several times on the back and whip ass.

- Oh, shit, that hurt? - She asked. I nodded my head in the negative. For which he received several blows, only this time harder. At the sound of my published it struck me very much, and stopped.

- This is for you for the first time. Then it will be painful.

She leaned toward me, freed my mouth and ordered to lick her shoes. I timidly beginning, and she hit me with a whip.

- Faster, bitch!

I started to do it more intensively.

- Well done. You're a good slave. And now you vylizhesh my pussy and ass.

She took off her panties and sat on the couch and spread her legs. I started to lick her pussy, which was already wet. At first my tongue caressed her lips only, but then I started to caress and her hole. My hostess had already moaned with excitement.

- And now the ass - she commanded.

I began to lick her second hole.

- Deeper, deeper - she moaned. My tongue penetrated her anus. Judging by the groans, she loved it. - And now again lick pussy until I finish.

I again began to lick her pussy. Conch it quickly. She then ordered her to lick it dry, and I did.

- Now I'll do something for you - she said. Again she stopped up my mouth, sat in a chair and tied so that my legs were spread apart, and the body tied to the back of the chair. Then she left the room and returned with a shaving accessories.

- Who is your pussy is smooth and clean.

She removed the clamp from my lips, caused the cream and began to shave. Seeing my excitement, she said:

- Do not tugging bitch, and then do worse than himself.

I froze. She, meanwhile, shaved pubic hair and shaved around the jaws. When finished, she wiped the remnants of the foam and anointed my pussy cream.

- Now, you give me more like you, - she said.

She stood in front of me on my knees and began to lick my pussy. I immediately excited. Seeing this, my mistress took the dildo and started to fuck it for me. I moaned with pleasure. But she abruptly took out a member of the cat and said:

- Good little, thing. Now I'll have fun.

She untied me, undid the collar of his hands and be ordered on all fours. Then she wore panties with attached thereto a member, came up to me in the front and freed her mouth.

- Suck, bitch! - She ordered. - And better wetting, you will be easier!

I've already figured out what she wants, so become thoroughly wet the member.

- Come on - she said, pulled out a member of my mouth, gagged again, came to the ass and pulled sharply, "tail", which was still in my anus.

- Now you'll get a real pleasure, bitch! - She said, and began to enter the cock in my ass. I could not scream, because in her mouth was busy. Because I escaped only groans.

- Do not worry, be patient! She shouted at me and started to move a member of all faster. Soon the pain was replaced by excitement, I started to move her ass in time with members of the movement. I introduced myself to the second side, and immediately came. The orgasm was so strong that I have for a while lost consciousness.

I woke up from the lashes.

- Rise up, trash! What sprawling? - It is again released my mouth and ordered to lick a member, whom she had just fucked me.

I licked a member, and she sent me to the bathroom, and she followed him. In the bathroom she stripped me and ordered to lie on the bottom of the tub. She herself took off her panties and sat on the bathroom above me.

- Now the last. I will write on your face. If you want to still be my slave, you'll swallow my piss. If you do not swallow - you are no longer my slave.

And then out of it flowed golden liquid. And I started to catch a trickle of mouth and swallow it. This taste seemed to me divine. I tried to drink as much as possible.

- Now I see that you are a true slave. Take a shower, take your clothes and go into the room. And livelier !.

When I came to, she was lying naked on the bed. She ordered off the light and lay down in her legs. When I went to bed, she ordered to lick her feet. When I finished, she said:

- And now to bed! In the morning, continue your education.

That's how I started my "career" slave

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I want

I'll put you on the bed and I will not look at you undressing, trying to guess your shape under clothes ..... Enjoying your helplessness, because I forbid you to go up and you know it. You will obey me .... I sit down beside him and holding his hand on your leg, from the toes up and up .... Passed on kolenochke and almost Zaderey skirt. ... No, I'm not going to rape you, I'm just learning your body ..... I spend on the palm of your cheek ... throw your hands over your head and your chest is exposed appetizing surging with each breath ..... After cheeks hand touches your neck .... pass through it, feeling all her tenderness and softness. Then everything below .... It will take place between her breasts without touching them ..... And you want it ..... You do try to substitute them under my hand, but NO. Hand moves on .......

Here it is already on the tummy ..... below ..... below ..... It is all close to what you so wish ...... Here I felt a thin rezinochku panties ..... I just pushed, causing you to have a low moan ..... Hand starts to fall, dragging the skirt spreads her legs ... you .....

Divorce itself widely, trying to skirt that rode up above. (As you now ??? How annoying do you want right now to throw it away, rip ...) But it is only a little higher ride up ..... baring your legs. How do you want me looking at you, but I throw a quick glance at the exquisite slenderness of your legs.

I am even more recessed into the palm of you, pushing on your bump.

Moan, groan again. Your breath becomes a moan. A hand up again seeks. Slipping his hand around your body. How do you prevent these clothes ....... How do you want to tear it. You look at me with pleading eyes, but I do not give you anything, continuing this torture ........ You start to lose patience. Somewhere far away already beginning to emerge anger at such cold (even now, in real life, reading all this you feel that what got in touch with me .... After all, I still did not do ....... Oh, what are you now evil ......). It seems that this torture going to last forever. Your body is all bent on the desire and lust. Your juices already flowing, enveloping the room pleasant aroma ....

You lie and wait patiently and ........

Then I tear off your clothes. RVU it apart, OPENING YOUR gaze your body ......

You did not expect this and waited. Your body felt free. It sighed with a groan ..... YOU ARE MY ALL ....... you are lying naked and I'm looking at you ..

Do you like my opinion ..... He caresses you ..... Glides on your body .... Do you like it. You bestyzhie spreads his legs. Directly in front of me.

Introducing me to show all its charm. You revel in your bezstydstvom under my eyes. I like to look at you ...... Look at your unbuttoned depth at droplets dangling on the petals .....

- To fondle himself, - I tell you - caress - and your hands so missed your little girl. You begin to furiously rub her little tongue. Spreads his legs so that would show off all ...... Oh, how it gets you ..... You hypnotize look me in the eye.

- Come on caress yourself stronger - and here you are already beginning to immerse their fingers in yourself ...... Deeper and deeper ..... My gaze catches you .... are you ready to break yourself .... . have you begin to feel like a warm wave of enthusiasm begins to steal up to you ....

I myself already beginning to bore such a passive role ... I get up in front of you. I get up on the bed, and you keep looking at me. Just a little bit, and ....

- Undress me - these words like thunder over you, causing freeze and cool down for a moment ..... You do not look at me understandingly ....

- Undress me rather that sit ??? Hurry .... - these words you go up and start fumbling, slippery hands rastegivat my pants. (Shirt I shoot myself). You begin to pull pants down standing in front of me on my knees ..... And my cock pops out of his hiding place, slide along your cheek proudly rises over you. Trousers are already on the floor, and you start to drag him hands .....

- NO, NO HANDS ...... - I'll take his hand and begin to drive them in your face. Stroking them you spend on the cheek, eyes ..... freeze on his forehead and nose start to go down ..... I spend my lips, that you want to grab it, but again, no .... I otstronyayus from you. .... I'm not going to give you much pleasure .... this is torture.

Look at him. I slowly begin to uncover the head ..... Right in front of your face. It is now such a burgundy. All so suffused (even now in the real world). I open it and re-open the hide ... Then again, just before the lips .... From your desires you swallow .... With one hand I'm holding member and the other clings to your hair, not letting you get closer to it. You rveshsya the meeting, bringing the pain itself. Are you ready to tolerate it, just to enjoy it ......

- NOW Suck, Suck it, to please me, let's fucking tongue to work, - with these words, I sit down on your head itself will drive it to you in the throat ...... You wait for this. And now I'm going to fuck you so, in the throat. I froze, enjoying the way your tongue skillfully glides over it. How to caress the testicles, swallowing them.

- Suck STRONGER You like when I fuck you to your mouth ...... And I fuck you ...... So much work the tongue ..... ou ... lick me, all testicles. .... nicer .... WHAT WOULD YOU I heard the smack ...... Come BLYADINA works ..... My hands dig into your hair .... bites hard, painful, spitted on your head myself .... My penis rests in your throat, you suffocate but do not let him go.

- Look, bitch, fondle himself, What would you hear it ...... Lazcano - sneaks your hand to him. YOU from the bottom looking at me ... You do not come off .... And I continue to fuck you ...... stronger and stronger. You feel like on your body heat begins to rise again, all of the above ..... At this point, and my body tenses .....

- Come on, let's, strong, c'mon, c'mon, get exhausted YOU, bitch, bitch, BLYADINU lustful, NUUUUUUUUU .................-, ....... .... for your body runs cramp, more, more and ............. WITH yOUR MY Stony strong stream beat in your throat ..... fill you love juice ... ..... I can not stop, continuing to finish and finish filling you ...... Are you afraid of losing even one drop, hastily swallowing all feeling like your body sodragaet one after another wave yOUR ORGAZAMA .... ......

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New Year - 2

And I thought, that's not such a bad idea:

We poured vodka into glasses and drank with his wife on the brotherhood. My Irina immediately cried out that I drank with Irka, and then we poured vodka, with me less. I quickly lifted the glass to his mouth and drank, drank, and Ira and I stared at her lips a passionate kiss. When I pulled away from her, I saw that my little wife was seriously excited. I poured the vodka into glasses, we bumped and drank, my Irina put in Vidic porn. Going to a neighbor began stroking her breasts, I saw that the neighbor excited. Meanwhile Irishka knelt and flung open robe neighbor began to lick her crotch, she immediately began to moan and his hands caress her breasts. On Vidic no attention is not paid. Looking up from the vagina neighbor, Irene said that he wants to drink more, a neighbor had just wound up not decorum she did not even think to cover her oozing slit bathrobe. And we were not in a position to pay attention to the conventions.

I poured more vodka and we drank to the "we" as called for my wife. After we sat on the couch and kissing like crazy, it's all terribly excited me and I slowly began to fall on his wife's body covering him with kisses, and then glared at one point in a greedy kiss shaved pussy of his wife. My tongue just fell through the crack so it was wet, there was just rain. I licked first upper jaw, then slipped into the language, and only then began gimlet tongue clitoris, my Irishka could not scream it only muffled moan, and her entire body was shaking shiver. I have decided that it is time to insert my friend in her pussy, and only brought it to reveal the hole outgoing juice, Irina pulled away and pointed at her neighbor - she slept the sleep of the righteous. We quickly spread a blanket on the floor and put a couple of pillows on one another. When I picked up a neighbor to Deva and put it on the pillow in the abdomen, resulting in front of us appeared her shaved tight brown silk and is also very clean-shaven ring anus.

The neighbor did not feel anything, and went to sleep. My Irina very surprised when I came back from the other room brought a jar of vaseline, an enema and black stockings and tights. Tights she wore the stockings with my help to a neighbor, typing in an enema vaseline it introduced its neighbor to the upper hole, and after all these manipulations, spreading my Vaseline member - explained that all porn woman in beautiful lingerie her give birth and then It will take place right before our eyes, and it is not going to miss such a chance. I threw half a neighbor and was just about to penetrate into this seductive popochki's wife stopped me again.

- What if she wakes up? Oh, after so many vodka or zhist I replied.

But seen Irina decided to surprise me all day, metnuvshy the closet brought a strong rope and tied the hands of a neighbor. Then she took my penis in his hand and held it to the anus neighbor. And I slowly began to push, that would be the penetration was not painful, to my surprise, I began to realize that Ira on this side was a virgin at forty years. When the head has disappeared in this matchless ass I stopped letting her get used to. And at that moment she woke up, and writhed trying to get out on my Irina said that if she does not want to have torn the ass, then let them calm down and shut up.

A neighbor made the right decision and my wife even untied her hands and began to play with the language of her nipples, which were immediately tightened. Meanwhile, I quietly pushing hardly noticeable jerks entered the ass. When I reached the end of a neighbor stiffened and tried to get off, but not far from it, I kept tightly she began to beg to stop, but the snake slid my little wife to her vagina and began furiously gimlet her. A minute later Irk groaned, but they were moans of bliss. And I slowly began to pump her ass and after a few movements I noticed that Ira podmahivaet me.

My wife looked up from her pussy and lay looking at us, and at this time his hand caresses herself through pantyhose. At her crotch through tights stood out so much grease that it just rolls down the nylon. Then I broke down and began to fill the gut Irki sperm, and it was so much that I wondered how she had not swollen belly and last movement podomnoy in a paroxysm of passion huddled Ira, I even had to hold her mouth to the cries not escape the neighbors turning I saw that his head breaking the crotch tights on my wife drives a two fingers and writhes in orgasm.

In itself, we came about ten minutes, I went stiffly to the kitchen and brought a cold Coke. We sat ABI Coke and discussed the incident, a neighbor very much, she said, if she had known that "there" so good it would have long been practicing such intercourse. And as she sat on my lap, I felt that out of her anus oozing my sperm, it has brought me terribly, and I immediately stared at her breasts, and then without pressing to recover his wife threw her and abruptly entered her cunt ...

To be continued

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